Unveiling the Art of Meaningful Gatherings - Chris Gasbarro - Leadership in Action- Episode 76

In this riveting episode of Leadership in Action, Mark Stiles sits down with Chris Gasbarro, an innovator in creating impactful meeting and event experience. Sponsored by the Boston Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization, this episode dives into the heart of transformative gatherings, the power of communication, and the intersection of creativity and business acumen. As a new member of EO Boston, Chris shares his journey from forestry major to a pivotal figure in the events industry, highlighting his philosophy of building powerful connections and the unique approach of Ember to curating unforgettable events. Join us as we explore the nuances of effective leadership, the essence of vulnerability, and the innovative use of AI in the event space.
  • The importance of how messages are delivered, opening paths to constructive communication, especially in feedback and challenging discussions.
  • The role of self-awareness and adaptability in leadership, recognizing the individuality of team members and clients to foster growth and positive outcomes.
  • Insights into the blend of creativity and logistical precision in designing events that resonate on a deeper level with participants, transcending traditional formats.
  • The transformative power of gatherings, from intimate executive meetings to grand scale events, driven by purpose and strategic execution.
  • The application of AI and technology in enhancing event planning and creative processes, offering efficiency and novel solutions in a dynamic industry.

Quote of the Show
  • "If you're not in discomfort, you're not growing." - Chris Gasbarro 

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Casey Cheshire
Casey Cheshire
Entrepreneur | Fractional CMO | Podcaster | US Marine | Skydiver
Unveiling the Art of Meaningful Gatherings  - Chris Gasbarro - Leadership in Action- Episode 76
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