Unifying Through Change - Glenn Grant - Leadership in Action- Episode # 066

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur, investor, and business coach. He is a straight-shooting, no bull, hoodie-wearing, meditating, rock & roll kind of coach and mentor! Please welcome EO Boston’s current president, Glenn Grant! Glenn sits down with Mark to discuss his plans as this chapter’s president which include the organization’s unity post-Covid, learning globally through networking opportunities, and learning from other seasoned EO members. It’s an exciting episode you don’t want to miss! 
  • Glenn’s focus as chapter president this year is on unity because COVID has scattered us all into our own little Zoom caves. We're adapting our events to the post-COVID world, where we used to attract after-work crowds, but now we need to convince people to leave their homes.
  • Managing a group of entrepreneurs with different personalities is quite the ride. While busy and independent, they’re coming together as a team. Everyone has their unique style and lives in different worlds, but the goal is to work together to unify programs and positions on the board.
  • SAPs, or Strategic Alliance Partners, are EO Boston’s sponsors. These local businesses partner with their chapter by providing funding for events in exchange for exposure to their members. They also commit to a non-solicitation agreement.
  • Three years ago, international travel was restricted, but now the organization has "EO universities," and the annual global leadership conference, which offer global learning and networking opportunities. Joining your local board and attending the conference provide structured leadership training and international networking.
  • Over the years, Glenn has gained knowledge in business, including people, culture, sales, marketing, operations, and financial aspects. This learning journey was aided by Accelerator, EO membership, GLC, and fellow entrepreneurs. The key is learning what's timely and relevant to you.
  • Glenn learned from seasoned EO members and was lucky to join Accelerator early, which led to his EO board involvement. His first GLC in Chicago was eye-opening, and it's been a great 12 years of learning and connecting with impressive people.
Book Recommendation:
  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
Quote of the Show
  • “If you’re a prospect or a member, re-engage and give things a shot.” - Glenn Grant
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Unifying Through Change - Glenn Grant - Leadership in Action- Episode # 066
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