The Promise of AI with Luis Cortes - Leadership in Action- Episode # 072

This week’s episode of Leadership in Action brings us a special guest who’s been apart of EO Boston for over 15 years. Welcome Luis Cortes, Head of Marketing & Sales Programs, Product Portfolio Marketing at Red Hat and Co-founder of Bcombinator. Luis partners with host, Mark Stiles, to share his journey in the entrepreneurial world, alongside the impact of AI in growing his business and solving actual problems that companies face. He also discusses his involvement in EO, his love for continuous learning, and appreciating the international experiences that EO offers. It’s a great episode you’re going to want to tune into! 
  • AI is making a positive effect on businesses and their productivity. Luis mentions both big and small businesses can benefit from AI technologies like GPT-4, and how it can give superpowers to individuals, enhance decision-making, and drive business growth.
  • Luis affirms that AI is a new wave of technology and it will take us into a new age of productivity. However, he advises users to be careful not to fully trust AI-generated results, as AI still doesn't have the ability to fully differentiate between true and false information.
  • As a co-founder of Bcombinator, Luis shares his experience of working with startups and how he employs AI to resolve actual problems that businesses face. 
  • Both Luis and Mark emphasize the benefits they've reaped from their involvement in EO, from the community it brings to the international experiences and the values it instills.
  • Luis discusses the significance of personal activities outside work. From spending time with family, listening to podcasts, to outdoor activities like trailblazing, this all serves as an integral part of his personal development.
Quote of the Show
  • “AI is not going to take your job, but someone who's effectively using AI, will.” - Luis Cortes
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The Promise of AI with Luis Cortes - Leadership in Action- Episode # 072
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