The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership - Bill Duguay - Leadership in Action- Episode # 63

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur and storyteller! He is a recent addition to the roster of SAPs at EO Boston, his first exposure to entrepreneurship goes back to his days assisting his Dad on landscaping and home remodeling jobs. Introducing, Bill Duguay, the President and CEO of Duguay Consulting Group. Bill joins Mark Stiles to discuss his captivating journey into the entrepreneurial realm. Bill shares his advice on how to overcome being a roadblock in your future endeavors.  

  • Bill grappled with the challenge of both being the brightest mind in the room and aspiring to be the foremost subject matter. What changed his mind was participating in a 360 anonymous review where he realized, it's perfectly fine to release your grip on matters, seek assistance, and connect with individuals on a deeper and more meaningful level. 
  • At the end of the day, we need to be the ones to decide whether we interpret things as it’s happening to us. Using these situations as learning experiences will help us maintain a healthy attitude and truly switch a positive light on in our brains.
  • Bill suggests seeking a leadership team to help your company. Incorporating this into your business will open new eyes to identifying gain traction and discipline in daily tasks. This can also increase healthy relationships, avoiding a lack of growth and structure in a sustainable work environment. 
  • At Duguay Consulting Group, they understand the value and appreciation of building positive teams and taking on the right clientele. To execute this efficiently, Bill’s team spends up to 90 minutes constructing a beckon that describes the vision, focus, and best course of action for each client to achieve optimal results for their teams.  
  • Bill expresses how crucial it is to build an environment where your client feels safe and welcomed. This roots in the leadership of any company. The lack of recognition of this can result in a client not feeling respected and cared for. The team should own a level of vulnerability that comfortably helps them move forward.
  • Vulnerability in a company is important to have. Without this, the walls surrounding the dedicated and loyal team will crumble causing a rift in the work environment. Companies should require leadership, encouragement, coaching, and teaching. Incorporating honesty within your workforce can advocate a safe space for open thoughts and limit defensiveness.
  • When seeking an inspiring leadership coach, connect with someone who encourages you to be the best version of yourself. That perfect coach who will view your business as relational and not transactional is someone worth keeping around.

Quote of the Show
  • “We have to create an environment that people feel safe in.” - Bill Duguay

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The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership - Bill Duguay - Leadership in Action- Episode # 63
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