The Longview Legacy with Evan Zall - Leadership in Action - Episode # 68

Today’s guest has logged over 25 years of experience in the communications world! An entrepreneurial advocate who has a passion to build and help others build, please welcome Evan Zall, President and Owner of Longview Strategies! Evan sits down with host, Mark Stiles, to discuss the concepts of sustainability and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk management in businesses. Evan explains his role in helping businesses manage their ESG risks, understand their sustainability impacts, and measure carbon emissions. Evan also dives into the necessity for businesses, especially those in mid-market, to meet the increasing sustainability requirements for economic advantages and legal protection.
  • It's essential to grasp the growing significance of ESG and sustainability risks for business operations, reputations, and future growth opportunities. Evan notes that large, public companies and businesses operating in Europe have obligations to measure and report their ESG risks, stressing also that mid-market companies face increasing pressures to do the same.
  • Companies should develop an integrative and systematic approach to managing ESG risks. Evan’s company acts as a communications and marketing firm that helps businesses navigate and communicate their sustainability impacts and ESG obligations. 
  • Small to mid-market companies should consider getting help from experts in ESG and sustainability to ensure compliance and build a positive reputation. Adopting sustainable practices and effectively managing ESG risks is not only necessary for legal and reputational reasons, but can also create bottom-line value through improvements in operational efficiency, employee retention, and investor attraction. 
  • Leaders should work on developing an organizational culture that values and promotes sustainability and good governance practices. Evan advises businesses to look beyond piecemeal, reactive approaches to ESG obligations and instead take a systematic, long-term view.
  • By measuring and transparently communicating their sustainability impacts, businesses can generate value and foster deeper connections with customers, investors, and employees alike.

Quote of the Show
  • “Whether it’s intentional or not, we all make an impact, and that should be inherent in the way we run our businesses.” - Evan Zall

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The Longview Legacy with Evan Zall - Leadership in Action - Episode # 68
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