Synergy and Translations - Wendy Pease - Leadership in Action- Episode # 065

Our guest on Leadership in Action this week is a cultural wordsmith, an author, and podcast host! She helps business leaders become culturally relevant with the wonders of high quality translation, localization and interpretation. Introducing Wendy Pease, the Language Translation Expert at Rapport International! Learn with host, Mark Stiles, as Wendy highlights the importance of teamwork, and how her company builds lasting relationships and cultural understanding for precise translations.

  • Something that Wendy has learned is that there's no 'I' in team, and this applies to both running a company and being a part of the EO board. When she transitioned from trying to handle everything on her own to having a management team, life improved significantly.
  • Rapport International connects people across languages and cultures in over 200 languages by providing high quality written translation and spoken interpretation. The company makes the most of the customer’s time, creating steps that make it easy for the right fit.
  • Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a rising trend which is fine for casual use, but critical matters should involve human to human connection. Considerations should be taken when in use including revenue impacts, the bottom line, or liability.  
  • To develop a custom LLM, a minimum of one million words must be inputted with management to prevent incorrect information from being used. Quality management is a big concern, with some companies offering quality assessments. Sometimes, there isn't enough content in the system to provide accurate translations. 
  • Translators, like marketing content writers, improve with time and familiarity. Rapport International has translator-client pairs lasting over 30 years that capture your voice, ensuring culturally relevant translations by understanding your corporate voice and brand.
  • The biggest value Wendy has gained from EO are the connections. Being active on communication channels, she is able to find a plethora of ideas and information, and receive feedback. This organization has given Wendy many connections, even globally.
  • This year, Rapport International is documenting the collaborative placement process in Zoho, including improving forum health. The committee chair is excelling in organizing events and learning collaborative placements, spreading knowledge across the team.

Quote of the Show
  • “I was trying to do everything on my own and stay on top of things, but life got better when I was working with people and solving things.” 

Book Recommendation:
  • From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life by Arthur C. Brooks

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Synergy and Translations - Wendy Pease - Leadership in Action- Episode # 065
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