Nurturing Success Through Genuine Guidance - John Gleason - Leadership in Action- Episode # 64

Today’s guest is a forward thinking financial professional! His insights on consulting, management, and entrepreneurship have made him the happiest as he helps his company reach its stride. On top of that, his company has recently become one of EO Boston's newest Strategic Alliance Partners. Introducing, John Gleason, the Founder and CEO of Genuine Business Advisors! John joins Mark to discuss his business experiences and the team-building strategies that have helped him speak volumes into people’s lives! 
  • The most profound and impactful lesson John gained through his experience in business is the immense influence he wielded over colleagues and team members within the company. It’s not always easy to make connections in the workplace, but it is clear that his actions resonated deep with his colleagues. 
  • The most crucial action one can take in the workplace is to acknowledge individuals—both in moments of missteps and achievements. This approach can yield positive results and foster a harmonious dynamic within the team.
  • In the vast landscape of knowledge and skills, it's important to acknowledge that none of us can be masters of every domain. Each of us possess a unique array of strengths and weaknesses that contribute to the rich tapestry of our collective capabilities.
  • The company that provides the most detailed or elaborate response isn’t always the way to accumulating successful results. Often, it's the company that promptly and effectively responds to prospects in the most suitable manner, which Genuine Business Advisors strives for.
  • John implies that advising can be described as blue collar work, meaning it involves meticulous tasks, especially regarding numbers. It's not about guesswork; instead, it’s meticulously analyzing accurate databases to present information in a way that empowers you to make informed and precise decisions. 
  • People believe that the value of items like businesses, cars, and homes are determined by what someone is willing to pay on a specific day. However, some businesses can sell for several times their revenue, especially those with consistent income streams, like SaaS companies. 
  • In the past, professionals in this industry claimed exclusive access to buyers and personal connections for repeat business. Today's approach involves leveraging available data to make informed decisions for clients, and combining experience and expertise to guide and support them throughout the process.

Quote of the Show
  • “The most important thing you can do is acknowledge people, both when they’re doing something wrong and doing something right.” - John Gleason

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Nurturing Success Through Genuine Guidance - John Gleason - Leadership in Action- Episode # 64
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