Navigating Towards the North Star - Eric Crews - Leadership in Action- Episode # 074

Today’s guest helps entrepreneurs implement business operating systems to increase their revenue, profitability, and the salable value of their business. Welcome Eric Crews, Founder & President of Crews & co. Eric sits down with host Mark Stiles to share the importance of making key decisions, trust in an organization, the use of AI in business, and future predictions. He also delves into goal setting and using a holistic approach to consulting. It’s an enlightening episode you don’t want to miss!
  • Delaying challenging people-related decisions can result in substantial time loss for a business. Leaders must decisively address such situations to mitigate their impact. Taking prompt action ensures smoother operations and fosters a more productive work environment.
  • Trust within an organization, defined as the ability to express any point of view without fear of negative consequences, is the primary factor in the success or failure of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Running a successful business demands more than efficient operations; it necessitates a profound grasp of market preferences. Leaders must forge strong connections, ensuring offerings resonate and adapt to evolving needs for sustainable growth in competitive markets.
  • AI technology can handle nearly 70% of work in many businesses and should be used as a valuable tool. However, it's essential to use AI guardedly and as a data point, not the sole decision driver.
  • Eric's firm, Cruz & Co, emphasizes a 360-degree focus on finances, operations, strategy, and people. This comprehensive approach assists businesses in becoming operationally strong and strategically aligned with market demands.
  • Setting a clear North Star or guiding light for a business is vital. It not only clarifies the direction of the business, but also helps in aligning the operational efforts behind achieving this goal.
  • Eric emphasizes continuously gaining insights from others, especially clients, as a key to staying ahead in the industry. This strategy allows him and his team to understand more perspectives and apply learned knowledge to their business operations.

Quote of the Show
  • “The degree to which one struggles in making difficult decisions corresponds to the degree of time lost in the business.” - Eric Crews

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Navigating Towards the North Star - Eric Crews - Leadership in Action- Episode # 074
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