Drew's Journey and Insperity's PEO Insight - Drew Quesnel - Leadership in Action- Episode # 69

Today’s guest comes from a family of entrepreneurs. He has over 15 years supporting business leaders with Human Capital Management, HR Compliance, Strategies and Technology Solutions! Please welcome Drew Quesnel, Certified Business Performance Advisor at Insperity! Drew joins host, Mark Stiles, to share his diverse expertise, his contributions to Insperity, and the company’s comprehensive PEO support. It’s an exciting episode you don’t want to miss!
  • Over the last 11 years, Drew has gained valuable experience in various aspects of business, organizations, and entrepreneurship. Coming from a background rooted in big entrepreneurship, he witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by families, the intricacies of rules and regulations, and the dynamics of working with people and employees. 
  • Drawing from these experiences, Drew has successfully applied his knowledge at his current company. Given his insights and expertise, he is now well-equipped to extend his assistance in navigating challenges, implementing effective strategies, and fostering a positive working environment. 
  • Insperity, a national Professional Employment Organization (PEO), eases entrepreneurs' burdens by managing employment tasks like regulations, onboarding, offboarding, workers' comp, COBRA, unemployment, benefits, payroll, and taxes through a co-employment model, addressing challenges that can impede business operations.
  • As a PEO, it liberates valuable time for concentrating on individuals, enabling them to distinguish themselves and fostering their growth within the organization. By consolidating various tasks, it empowers the company to remain competitive in the market.
  • Insperity goes beyond relying solely on AI for marketing by actively engaging with client companies, ensuring direct and personalized outreach. Having an experienced person available further enhances the overall effectiveness of their strategy.
Quote of the Show
  • “It helps me sleep at night knowing that I can help an organization do better, run better, and grow faster.” - Drew Quesnel
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Drew's Journey and Insperity's PEO Insight - Drew Quesnel - Leadership in Action- Episode # 69
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