Bridging the Digital Divide with Dylan Zajac - Leadership in Action - Episode # 071

Join us in today’s episode where we talk with the young changemaker behind Computers 4 People, Dylan Zajac! Dylan sits down with host Mark Stiles to share how his organization collects computers, refurbishes them, and distributes them to those in need. He also touches on the different programs they run, including digital literacy classes, and their efforts to provide internet access. Join us as he shares his organization's future goals and his own experiences balancing nonprofit work with his education! 
  • Computers 4 People started as a non-profit to prevent e-waste and to provide computers to those with lower access. Dylan was inspired by witnessing the overabundance of electronic waste and combined that with his entrepreneurial spirit to solve this societal problem.
  • The organization collects, refurbishes and donates used computers to those in need through partnerships with other nonprofits. It specializes in providing access to devices, internet and digital skills, thus aiding in bridging the digital divide.
  • Dylan's goal to donate 250,000 computers next year signifies a substantial commitment by C4P to digital inclusion, surpassing this year's 1,200 donations. This ambitious target highlights the growing momentum of C4P's initiatives and emphasizes the organization's dedication to addressing the digital divide on a broader scale.
  • C4P seeks to automate and incorporate AI strategies to scale and improve efficiency, such as using AI to automate grant proposal writing. Dylan envisions expanding the mission of C4P in the future to adapt to the evolving nature of the digital divide.
  • Dylan fervently called on both individuals and companies to support C4P's mission by donating old computers and end-of-life equipment. His plea for a collective effort underscores the significance of community engagement and corporate social responsibility in advancing C4P's initiatives toward a more inclusive digital landscape.
Quote of the Show
  • “Everyday we’re impacting a dozen people. Let’s get to the point where we’re helping thousands get connected to computers, internet and digital skills.” - Dylan Zajac

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Bridging the Digital Divide with Dylan Zajac - Leadership in Action - Episode # 071
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